Microsoft Word 2016 Certification Course

Program Name: Microsoft Word 2016 Certification Course
Program Duration: Self Directed Online or 3 Days in Class
Instructor Led Program Cost: 579.00 with Printed Book
Online Program Cost: $399.00 with eBook or $499.00 with Printed Book
Available Languages: English

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Pinewood Schools / PWC Training is the only training center with a testing center and live instructors in the classroom in the Atlanta Metro Area. That is what separates us from our competitors that either do not have testing available or an instructor in the room for training.

This in-depth course will equip students with a thorough knowledge and understanding of the most relevant features and uses of Word 2016. Students will be engaged with hands on learning as they apply learned concepts to create relevant work such as brochures, resume tables, newsletters & more.

This textbook carries the ExamReadyTM certification which certifies that it has been tested by ProCert Labs to validate that it covers all course objectives included in the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification exam.

Covered Topics

Day 1 – Level 1

  • Documents 101 – Creating Documents. Formatting & Editing Text
  • Introducing Tables – Formatting, Stylizing, & Data Sorting
  • Visual Objects – Shapes, WordArt, SmartArt, Pictures & Text Boxes
  • Creating Business Reports – Arranging Text in Columns, Tab Stops, Headers & Footers and more.

Day 2 – Level 2

  • Mail Merge
  • Creating a Newsletter – Special Effect to Text & Pictures
  • Long Documents – Formatting, Navigating, Creating Table of Contents & Index

Day 3 – Level 3

  • Collaborating in Word – Highlighting, Tracking & Reviewing Changes, Saving and Sending Files
  • Sharing & Securing Documents – Compatibility, Restricting Editing, Digital Signatures
  • Personalizing Word – Customizing Setup Options, Automating Tasks with Macros
  • Integrating Word with Excel, PowerPoint & the Web – Embedding Links to Data & Objects, Creating PDF’s and Web Pages from Word Documents


  • Coursework leading towards Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Certification
  • Step-by-step, skills-based approach ensures that students master subjects and achieve success quickly
  • Real-world focus helps students develop practical skills they can apply immediately
  • Quick Reference tables covering major tasks (useful for reference outside of class)
  • Exercises increase in complexity throughout each lesson to challenge students
  • WebSim interactive simulations reinforce our student-friendly lessons
  • Instructor support and student resources

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